Tailoring and retailoring to measure

Cutting of materials at KI-PAR is performed on the most modern machines from the German brand HOMAG (SAWTEQ B-300).

We have four cutting machines, which make us fast and effective compared to others in the material processing industry.

The machines we possess include advanced technologies with computer systems that control the cutting and trimming process with the highest level of precision.

The KI-PAR team is available and ready for consultations regarding measurements and any additional advice needed.

Edging with PUR glue

Edging can be done with PVC (0.4mm) or ABS (1mm) tape, applied to the edges of the panel material. This is an important part of protecting the material from mechanical damage and enhancing the appearance, durability, and functionality of the chipboard and MDF at the end of the manufacturing process. The edging is performed on our special Homag machines, which automatically apply the edging tape with PUR glue.

PUR glue offers:

  • High tolerance to high temperatures up to 140 degrees
  • High tolerance to low temperatures down to -40 degrees
  • Water resistance

In addition to curved cutting, we also offer a curved edging service.

CNC Services

The services we offer with CNC processing provide precise manufacturing of panel materials. This includes the use of CNC machines (HOMAG) that utilize automated computer codes to generate control through the CNC program, ensuring reliable material processing. Our CNC services for material finishing include:

  • Curved cutting
  • Engraving
  • Rustic door/frame
  • CNC frame manufacturing
  • Cutting openings
  • Pair thickening (duplex)
  • CNC services with final finishing

We are committed to producing the most modern and up-to-date products, which is why our new CNC services on the latest Homag machine include:

  • Drilling holes for cam fittings
  • Drilling for dowels
  • Drilling for flap hinges
  • Shelf perforation
  • Grooving for hardboard
  • Groove production for horizontal profile

This CNC machine, part of the Homag series (DRILLTEQ V-200), is intended for final processing to ensure precise and uniform drilling of various types of holes. The machine is equipped with tools and control systems to provide fast and efficient processing and repeatability when drilling panel materials of different thicknesses.


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